Dowling: A ‘Singular’ approach to iGaming

Dowling: A ‘Singular’ approach to iGaming
Dowling: A ‘Singular’ approach to iGaming

Originally published on maltatoday.

Singular chief commerical officer Robert Dowling discusses the sudden emergence as a new contender in the global iGaming scene.

Dowling joined Singular in May 2019 and has contributed towards a rapid growth and strong positioning of the company as a Tier 1 supplier within the iGaming industry. He brought experience from  various senior sales positions at renowned companies which have created a number of opportunities for Singular. 

What is the Singular Story?

Singular’s path into the iGaming industry is not straightforward and rather unique. In the early beginnings, Singular was developing software solutions for the banking industry. Later on, the company engaged in several projects with social gaming for the leading Georgian casino operator Adjarabet. These two fields appear to be very distinctive at first sight, but the experience gave the company the ideal skill set for the iGaming industry. The team got equally exposed to the scrutiny of a financial institution and the versatility of the online world. Building up this experience, we have developed products that empower our clients to trade with confidence and explore innovative features for higher engagement and retention. Today, Singular has 10+ experience working with Tier 1 operators worldwide. Our product portfolio includes a comprehensive and flexible iGaming platform, Sports Betting Platform with market-leading features alongside a Retail solution and a Casino Core with 7,000+ casino games.

Singular products are characterized with high scalability which empowers operators to be ready for any breadth and magnitude of their growth.

How does Singular stand out? Is ‘BE OUTSTANDING’, just a slogan, or is this really a company credo? Why are you so different?

Singular has always been a technology-driven company. Our company slogan “be outstanding” lies on the strong foundation of the company’s three pillars: flexibility, reliability, and innovation reflected in the company’s products and way of work. Primarily, the modular architecture of our products enables these modules to be integrated and combined in a flexible manner. This gives our clients the freedom to create their own brand and be bespoke in their respective markets. Second, Singular products are characterized with high scalability which empowers operators to be ready for any breadth and magnitude of their growth. Finally, we have a strong dedication to innovation to equip our clients with industry-leading features to be ahead of their competitors.

The Gaming industry is an ever-evolving industry, but sometimes the more traditional approach is needed, how does a technology partner remain passionate for the more traditional sportsbook operator? 

The iGaming industry is continuously growing, but the retail sector does not lose its relevance, on the contrary. For example, in the African market, retail is still dominant despite the high penetration of internet and mobile usage. There is definitely still room for innovation in the retail sector, especially within the newly legalized U.S. market where the retail solution (especially betting kiosks) still plays a crucial role.

At Singular, we always aim to help our clients optimize their operations. Singular is committed to empowering clients’ growth through online and offline convergence of players.

For that reason, we take particular pride in receiving the SiGMA Multichannel Provider Award for 2019. This further boosts our motivation to equally develop and grow the digital and physical vertical of our solutions.

Your presence in Malta has grown significantly in 2019, what are your plans for 2020?

True, in 2019 we opened the second office in Malta as our Core Commercial Office and moved all business development activities there. As a Tier 1 supplier, the company must have a strong base in one of the biggest iGaming hubs. This has created opportunities to further expand our network, not only with clients but also potential partners and strengthen our position on the media grid. At the moment we are forming the legal team here as well that will be a crucial part of executing Singular’s strategic focus for expansion into regulated markets in 2020.

How is Singular coping with the current new challenges and is there any advice for sports operators?

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have taken proactive measures to ensure our employees’ well-being and safety. Our teams across our three offices have been working from home for the past three weeks. This has proven as a successful strategy to maintain stable and efficient business operations and provide continuous support to our clients through these unexpected times.

But, I have to say, although the majority of sports events have been canceled, there is a silver lining here. Both operators and suppliers have the time to work on upgrading their products without having the constant pressure of the ongoing super-dynamic operations. I believe this is of superior importance since we will witness a massive influx of sports events in the upcoming three years with increased demand from the global population. This is the time to think outside of the box, find new revenue streams, innovate products to appeal to a wider audience and enhance the retention strategy with great focus on cross-product campaigns.

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